raquel-welchWIG SERVICES
Salon La Moda specializes in customized wig services. Whether for medical, cosmetic, or fashion we will help you find the right wig to make you look and feel your best. All of the wigs we sell are made using the latest technology that ensures the very best in comfort, fit, and style. Our selection includes synthetic, heat friendly synthetic and 100% human hair. Proper care of wigs is important, so we provide shampooing, shaping, and styling of wigs.

CONSULTATIONS: What should you expect?
Your consultation will take place in our comfortable private room with natural light. This is important so you can see the color choices in true light. Our certified wig specialist will review your consult sheet to help you make an informed choice. We will discuss options like color, style, and synthetic or human hair. We will guide you through this process and schedule you for customization of your wig. A 45 minute consultation is complementary. Additional charges will be applied towards the purchase of a new wig.

One of the most challenging aspects of wearing a wig can be maintenance. We want you to look and feel your best at all times. We will be happy to teach you everything you need to know. If you are not able to maintain your way we will service your wig for you.

Synthetic wigs are often recommended for hair loss due to radiation and chemotherapy treatments. There are two types of synthetic fibers, full synthetic that requires no styling and will maintain its shape until restyled even if you get caught in the rain! Heat friendly synthetic fibers allow you to apply low heat which allows you to curl or straighten to your choice of style. Human hair wigs look and feel more like your own hair. They are 100% human hair and are durable, natural, and versatile. You can work with them as you would your own hair. We recommend human hair wigs for clients who want the very best or who are expected to experience hair loss for more than a year.

When you finish your course of treatment and hair growth resumes, Salon La Moda offers you a complementary haircut to celebrate this occasion!!!